Siding as changed and evolved over the years.  There are many styles and colors to choose from.  You will be supplied with all the samples you will need to make your choice.  If you need a larger sample to make your choice you will be supplied with a full piece as a sample.  Also, there is an app out that will let us take a picture of your house and apply the color of siding you want to it so you can see what it will look on your house.  There are also casings that can be put around your windows to give them an accent and make them look architecturally correct.

Roofing contractor's are the number one complaint with the PA Attorney General.  So you want to pick a contractor you can trust.  McCabe's will install any shingle manufacturer you may pick but when given the choice we will pick CertainTeed shingles.  CertainTeed offers one of the best warranties in the business and has a strong backing from the local supplier.  The roof is one of the most important investments you can make because it protects your entire house and contents within it from the elements.  There are many options and colors to choose from. 




Another great thing about using McCabe's to do your work is that we do our own block and excavating work.  Once again there are no subcontractors used.  The benefit to you is quality control  McCabe's has the experienced workforce to do the job right the first time.
McCabe's can also repair existing foundations that are in bad shape to ensure the stability of the house


If you have an existing deck that you want replaced or a new one built, McCabes has you covered.  When doing a new deck, we often use composite/pvc decking.  The composite decking is low maintenAnce, has no splinters, does not stain and holds up well over time.  Pressure treated wood can also be used.  .  If you have any questions on the styles and color options that are avAIlable, please contact us and we can get you samples.
Years ago you had 2 choices of window color--white or white. Things have changed a great deal since then and there are nearly 20 colors you can get.  The most popular that is installed is still white--but at least you have choices.  There are also custom casing and grid options that are available.  We primarily install Viwinco Windows.  There is a lifetime warranty on all the parts of the window and also a lifetime warranty on the glass of the Cambridge window--even accidental breakage.
Doors also come in many styles and options.  You can pick out the door you like and it can be ordered already pre-finished.  You can pick the color and once it is installed the project is complete.  No coming back to paint a couple of coats--its done the first time.